Velvet Pony, two Pop-Folk peas in a pod.

Velvet Pony - Jean & Steffi

Where it all began.

In 2014, Jean turns up in Bordeaux gasping for his voice to be heard. While trying to make his wish come true, he meets Steffi, a young guitar player who arrived recently from Germany. Both characters quickly became fond of one another, and may we focus on their friendship or their music, their encounter seemed like something along the lines of “love at first sight”.

A mutual need to wander.

Combining sensitivity and power, the melodies created by Velvet Pony represent all the strength of the complicity. Their powerful tunes and inebriating songs are simply the fruit of their feelings being expressed. Both hyper-sensitive, evidently, nevertheless each one of them has their very own way of expressing their emotions. Steffi sets the tempo by composing all the music in a extremely calm manner, then Jean works hard on giving a voice to the song by writing all the lyrics. Between discretion and extravagance, the alliance that seemed mad is just damn right perfect!

Concerts & local events.

They are starting the build of their carreer by joining and creating local events across France & Germany, but mostly in Bordeaux, and they now drive towards the commom goal of sharing their emotions and those of their audience. At every concert, one always senses something special within each character, something moving and extremely sensitive. Thus, this is how Velvet Pony systematically indulges their audience into concerts where people express joy, love and in the end something kind of crazy, every single time.

A story that has only just begun…

Written by a friend and a fan of the band.